A Spot on Stage for All in the Heart of Detroit

January 14, 2021

In 2015, we met the Thespians of 4th Wall Theater Company founded by actress educators, Katie man and Annie Clark 4th Wall was a place for actors with special needs to really shine on stage. And since then 4th Wall has become OpenSpot Theatre. And I’m happy to say that they have expanded from local to national in scope.

Mitch: So since we last spoke, you’ve changed your name. Is it just a name change? Or does that signify something big?

Annie: We morphed into OpenSpot Theatre, we really think that the name encompasses our mission, because it means that there is a spot open to everyone to come into our classes, no matter what your age, no matter what your ability or experience, everybody is invited to participate.

Katie: We do singing, acting, dancing from two years old, to eighty years old.

Annie: And we’ve transitioned all of our classes to a virtual format at this point. But because what we do is so accessible in so many different ways, it’s actually transitioned fairly seamlessly into a virtual format. And our students have been amazing.

openspot virtual

Mitch: Do you find that when you do them virtually some of the nerves disappear because the kids are just sort of singing or acting or performing into a little screen? 

Katie: Absolutely. Some of our students perhaps with autism found being in person, a little intimidating, sometimes overwhelming. A lot of our students are growing during the virtual period faster than ever before.

Mitch: There’s silver linings everywhere, and we’re really glad to catch up with you. We hope to do it again in a few more years.

Annie: Thank you so much for having us.