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Bettering the lives of Detroit’s neediest — at every age.


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SAY Detroit & Say Something



In response to the impact that the COVID-19 outbreak is having on the greater Detroit community, SAY Detroit has launched the Detroit Beats Covid-19! initiative to spearhead efforts for immediate and impactful actions to protect and support some of our most vulnerable population — seniors, first responders, children, and the homeless. 

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Grace Unmasked

A digital “book” from the SAY Detroit Play Center’s 2020 Summer Program written by the students, educators, and staff Creative Collection

WATCH: We Shared the Giving!

For about one hour, one day every year in the springtime, a room in the Fisher Building is the happiest place on Earth as we gather with community partners to distribute funds raised from the previous December’s Raditohon.

While circumstances prevented us from gathering in-person this year, generosity and the spirit of community would not be cancelled. So we made it virtual.  Watch as we awarded more than $1.3 million to nearly two dozen area charity recipients.


A Time to Help Motown Soup

A Time to Help Motown Soup

A Time to Help loves helping our partner nonprofits when we can, especially when the project is a favorite among volunteers: packaging soups, dry goods and other products at Motown Soup.

We Are Better Together

We Are Better Together

How, in a time of intense divisions drawn like fault lines across the country and within communities, do we reach common ground? It has to start somewhere. For SAY Detroit’s new Better Together initiative, bridging racial divides is starting with one meal and one...

A Time to Help Make a Home

A Time to Help Make a Home

Nearly 20 volunteers worked alongside Michigan Recreational Construction on a landscape project, a backyard fence and playscape.


SAY Detroit Education and Development Initiatives

SAY Play

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Dream Scholars

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COTS' Bright Beginnings

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Notes for Notes

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Capturing Belief

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SAY Detroit Volunteering & Employment Initiatives

A Time to Help

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Muscle Crew II

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Detroit Water Ice & Brown Bag Popcorn

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The Heart of Detroit

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SAY Detroit Health & Medical Care Initiatives

Family Health Clinic

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Detroit Beats COVID-19!

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SAY Detroit Homes & Communities Initiatives

Working Homes / Working Families

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SAY Detroit Veterans

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SAY Detroit Seniors

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A Hole in the Roof

100 Houses

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One-night only foodie experience at Detroit’s top restaurants raising funds for SAY Detroit!

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