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Talent is not the issue in Detroit. The problem is access and affordability. I appeal to friends in the arts and business communities to make a similar commitment, so that we can provide a ‘Detroit Dozen’ scholarships to better our young artists’ future.

—Mitch Albom


What if you had all the talent in the world, but no means to develop it? Mitch Albom established the Dream Fund in the 1990s and then the Detroit Dream Scholars to make sure our city’s artistic talent does not wither because of lack of opportunity.

Each Detroit Dream Scholars award provides a four-year scholarship to study the arts at the nationally-renowned College for Creative Studies. Since 2011, more than $550,000 has been awarded to more than 20 students from Detroit.


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  • Fund a $60,000 scholarship over four years ($15,000 per year for 4 years) and become a member of the “Detroit Dozen” donors. Call 313.664.7864 to set up.
  • Make a gift or pledge of any amount to be used in combination with other gifts to the Detroit Dream Scholars through CCS here.

Fact Sheet

In September 2011, in conjunction with making his own gift, Mitch Albom challenged 11 community members to join him so that he can provide a “Detroit Dozen” – 12 scholarships of $60,000 each over four years.  The “Detroit Dozen” will provide opportunities to 12 deserving students without financial means to go to college.

Public art

Each scholarship recipient is required to work on a public art project in the summer as a way of giving back to the City of Detroit. Some of the projects that the current scholars have completed include painting a night sky mural in Mexicantown and launching a youth- directed radio station with children from the Brightmoor community.


Sholarships are awarded to degree-seeking students in any major who are from the City of Detroit.  Award recipients are selected by the Director of Financial Aid based upon financial need, and an incoming GPA of 3.0 or above.  The scholarship will be re-awarded annually based on the student maintaining good academic standing and a grade point average of at least 2.8.

The typical funding gap for a student at CCS, after all institutional, federal and state grants, and loans are extended is $15,000.  That is why a gift of $60,000 will support one student for four years.


Mitch Albom will support “Detroit Dozen” donors with recognition on his website, in media coverage, and at an annual gathering of the Scholars and donors.

Opportunity to meet the Detroit Dream Scholars will be provided for donors and students annually.

In 1991, Albom founded the Dream Fund at the College for Creative Studies to provide funding for under-served children to participate in the arts and to instill confidence in our youth. Since that time, CCS has utilized the Dream Fund to support visual, performing, summer “Week at a Time” youth scholarships, community art programs, and even the Detroit 300 project in 2001. It has raised over $200,000 since its inception.

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