Painting with Purpose for the Homeless

February 08, 2019

Air Date: February 7, 2019

That’s Father Marko and he has organized a mission to keep parks, alleys, neighborhoods and churches clean. His crew – men and women who have fallen on hard times.

Tucked inside Central United Methodist Church is a cozy studio that welcomes homeless men and women to step inside and express them selves artistically.

Mitch: People wouldn’t necessarily think you know the first thing that a homeless person would want to do is to sit down and paint something.

Ann Windley: What we like to do at Art & Soul is we like to create a family atmosphere we like people to feel like its home.

A home where art feeds the soul. Run by Ann Windley, Art & Soul is providing dignity and a sense of purpose to people who are homeless. People like Twiana Odom, once destitute but now flourishing. 

Twiana Odom: We try to be a family down at Art & Soul. Once you come in I think you will hear laughter there’s a lot of bright colors around. People are doing their own thing. Maybe uh a crayon or some pencils sitting by them and they start a doodle project and the next think you know we are framing it and hanging it somewhere.

Art & Soul has exhibited at multiple venues including Henry Ford Hospital and festivals like Art Prize in Grand Rapids. Artists also sell their work throughout Detroit, giving each artist a sense of fulfillment.

Mitch: What is it about art or creativity that is soothing, educational, healing I guess in some way?

Twiana Odom: We all have artistic abilities but to follow through and complete a project is what’s important.

Ann Windley: And we feel good that we have made the day better for our participants and that’s what we love to do.

Bringing art into the hands of the homeless, Art & Soul is painting with a purpose here in the heart of Detroit.