Bagging Up Comfort

October 17, 2019
Air date: October 17, 2019

Gregg and Sharon Monbleau are a husband and wife team that wanted to make an impact in their community.

Gregg: My wife has such a heart to serve and she looked up online and said you know look at these hygiene kits this would be something interesting to do.

And that was the start of Blessing Bags Brigade.  With money out of their own pockets, the pair purchased basic toiletries and assembled 60 hygiene bags for C4 Outreach. Building the bags was fulfilling but…

Sharon: Once you start rubbing shoulders with people and getting to know people one on one it was like we never stopped.

Gregg:  People who are underserved who are making rent but they can’t afford toilet paper they can’t afford shampoo.

With the help of friends, volunteers and much appreciated donations, Gregg and Sharon are now assembling 450 bags a month for five area outreaches.  Their goal is 1,000 bags a month by year end.

Mitch: Does it make you appreciate the bar of soap in your house a little bit more.

Sharon: Oh absolutely.  We are not going to eradicate homelessness or poverty but what we can do is we can go down and stand beside along-side people we can show them love we can show them that they deserve respect and they are valued and we do that through meeting the practical needs for hygiene.

Gregg: It takes a lot of resources it takes a lot of effort

Mitch: But mostly it takes heart

Gregg: Yeah it really does

Mitch (over Gregg): It sounds like you guys have that

Gregg: We don’t have to serve we get to serve right and it’s a privilege for us to be able to do this.

With a blessing and a lot of needed bags, Gregg and Sharon Monbleau are providing some comfort and hope for the underprivileged and homeless right here in the heart of Detroit.

Learn more about the Blessing Bags Brigade of Michigan.