Baseball for Everyone in the Heart of Detroit

June 21, 2018

It’s America’s pastime at its finest.  The Downriver Panthers are sliding into home right here in the heart of Detroit.

Air Date: June 21, 2018

Batter Up! Its Opening Day for the Downriver Panthers baseball team and the excitement is infectious. These Panthers are the newest members in an organization with a long history of bringing joy and laughter.

Heather: It started with just physically otherwise health impaired students in Taylor Michigan um from there it has just taken off and grown to what we do now which is all kinds of sports and activities and recreation for all ages varying abilities from all over Southeast Michigan.

The Downriver Panthers offer adaptive activities like bowling, swimming, and game night at no or low cost. But it is baseball that is the crowd favorite.

Heather: For those with impairments they want to do things that everyone else does. Something where they can feel accepted and they don’t feel like they stand out. they get to hit the ball they get to have the home run and they see their family and their friends cheering them on.

Mitch: Fun

Heather: Its fun it’s what life should be more about

Mitch: That is a necessity

Heather: It’s an enhancement of a life and that’s what we do.

Mitch: What do you find is the common denominator when they get together to play sports?

Heather: What they all have in common is spirit its their spirit they love to get out there and even if they are being pushed in a wheelchair across home plate its like the best day of their life they are rock stars.

It’s America’s pastime at its finest. The Downriver Panthers are sliding into home right here in the heart of Detroit.