All Things “Bee” in the Heart of Detroit

May 16, 2019

Air Date: May 16, 2019

That buzzing you hear is the sound of honey bees hard at work.  Detroiters Timothy Paule Jackson and Nicole Lindsay fell in love with all things “Bee” when Tim had trouble kicking a nasty cold.

Tim: And I was trying everything to shake the cough and until I came across the power of local raw honey and after consuming that I noticed a big difference in my health.

Supply for local raw honey in Detroit is scarce so the pair figured they could do something about it.

Tim: Instead of going hours and hours away to look for a bee farm we thought we would bring it right to the city.  We have so many vacant lots that have so many different types of wildflowers these are great places for pollinators.

Nicole: There isn’t people who are spraying chemicals or getting rid of their weeds but at Detroit Hives we believe weeds is the bees knees

Mitch: You two are just too cute

All joking aside Detroit is a prime location for hive production.  Today Detroit Hives has 32 hives occupying seven lots on the city’s East Side with each hive producing about 50 pounds of honey in a single year.  That’s a lot of honey and they hope to keep expanding.

Tim: We plan to increase our hive projection from 32 hives now to 200 hives by year 2022.  We plan to revitalize 45 properties in the city of Detroit and lastly we plan to establish a learning center where we can educate the community all year round about the importance of honey  bee conservation but also a place where we can sell our honey and local bee products.

Nicole: Detroit has been boosting the native bee population so through our studying and learning about bees that we knew that Detroit would be the place to “bee”.

Tim/Nicole:Pretty much the place to be.

It just never gets old.  Timothy Paule Jackson and Nicole Lindsey are buzzing with excitement for bees right here in the heart of Detroit.