SAY Something Amazing

Patients at the SAY Detroit Health Clinic regularly share their positive experiences and appreciation for quality health care.
Students at the SAY Detroit Play Center at Lipke Park are always excited to be at the Center spending time with friends, teachers, and coaches.

SAY Detroit can impact positive change in people’s lives — but we need your help.

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“If this clinic did not exist, I would not be able to get the health care that I need, because I don’t have insurance. This is the only place that I know that I can go to and get excellent health care.”

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“My favorite thing about SAY Play in the winter is Robotics and Notes for Notes because we can literally make things from scratch. In robotics, right now, we are working on re-doing our robot so we can receive the ‘Best Improvement’ award in the next competition.”
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Ms. Diane

SAY Play tutors like Ms. Diane challenge students to become stronger readers by creating special activities to encourage increased comprehension of the story’s students explore.

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“I really enjoy playing with the Girls’ Volleyball team because everyone is so nice and welcoming. It feels good to have all girls on a team too.”
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Coming back from winter break to see and play with my friends is my favorite part of SAY Play winter semester.”