The Gift of Community

By making a gift to SAY Detroit you help students grow academically and socially. You help Detroit families get access to essential health care and housing. And you help build a pathway to success for many Detroiters.

Thank you for believing in our mission!

Meet Rixie & Carina

All of our students at SAY Detroit Play Center make us proud, and we want you to know them. Meet Rixie and Carina. In the fall of 2021 these two young girls met while playing volleyball for SAY Play.   

Observing them today, you might say they are best friends – they would correct you – they are sisters.

Rixie has been attending SAY Play’s after-school program and summer camp for five years. Her mom needed a safe educational environment for Rixie while she was at work.  

Carina has filled her afternoons and summers at SAY Play for two years. After spending much of her after school hours and summers with her grandmother, she settled into the SAY Play program when she was in the third grade.  

Friendships lift our moods, increase our perception of ourselves and keep us motivated.

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