Exploring Creativity Cures at the Latest Wellness Wednesdays

March 17, 2022

It was a day to celebrate the creativity in all of us.

That’s probably the best way to describe this month’s Wellness Wednesdays women’s support group seminar at the SAY Detroit Play Center at Lipke Park on March 16.

The theme of the interactive program — “Creativity Cures” — focused on ways to incorporate art and creativity into your self-care routine. Through independent and group activity, the event  brought together 20 women from across Detroit, including a group from the nonprofit Freedom House, whose participation was enhanced via two French and Portuguese interpreters.

Facilitator Maia Campbell opened the program with three minutes of mediation, adding how she puts a homemade soft yarn ball in the palm of her hand as a way of shifting focus and letting her mind relax. On Tuesday night, she and her daughters made two dozen red yarn balls to share with the group.

When she asked the participants what self-care means to them, the responses were varied:

“To remember to look out for myself.’’

Remembering to rest.’’

“To do what you love.’’

“Sometimes saying no and setting boundaries.’’

Campbell said: “The biggest take away for me is that you don’t have to have a lot to be creative. Creativity is different for different people. As we know, some of our members are going through grief and loss, and it was beautiful to see them smiling, laughing — and making art.’’

Women’s group member Ozella Falls said she looks forward to the monthly meetings “because I enjoy being around the group of women and the different programs that happen each month — from finances to health.’’

Wellness Wednesdays would like to thank the nonprofit Arts & Scraps for their donation of kits and art journals. In addition, we’d like to express our gratitude to volunteers Caarin, Ruma and Chris, and, of course, to SAY Play Chefs DyeDye and David, who put together a delicious lunch, including a mashed potato bar, that was a hit.

The next Wellness Wednesdays session is April 20 at SAY Play.