Keeping Warm in the Heart of Detroit

May 02, 2019

Air Date: May 2, 2019

With his cart piled high, Nicholas Kristock is delivering blankets at Detroit Children’s Hospital. He started this mission after receiving a text message from his twin sister, a nurse, which said…

Mitch: Why is there such a shortage of blankets?

Nick: A lot of people probably don’t know that 30,000 times a year in our state of Michigan a child will walk into a hospital room and be greeted by this plain white hospital bed.

So Nicholas created the solution: a non-profit called Fleece & Thank You, where volunteers come together to create a warm and colorful blanket for every hospitalized child who wants one. That’s the Fleece part. As for the Thank You …

Nick: Each blanket we deliver also comes with a personal video message from the person that made it to the child that receives it and the child can see that message and send a message back to the blanket maker.

Mitch: And how many blankets have you made now?

Nick: To date we’ve made about 55,000 blankets

Mitch: Wow

Hosting 400 events a year, Fleece & Thank You travels all over the state, bringing blanket making opportunities to hundreds of volunteers. The goal this year is 30,000 blankets.

Nick: We’ll make sure that every single kid gets this piece of comfort on their bed.

Mitch: Now do they get to go home with their blanket?

Nick: They do they get to keep it for forever

Mitch: So it is more than just providing something during the hospital it is also a keepsake?

Nick: Most definitely because every kid deserves to have this comfort.

Through Fleece & Thank You, Nicholas Kristock brings warmth and comfort to hospitalized kids right here in the heart of Detroit.