Getting the Balance Right at Wellness Wednesdays

April 17, 2024

It was her second visit to Wellness Wednesdays in the past year, but Janine Greene never tires of talking about the importance of managing chronic conditions and maintaining general health through nutrition, exercise – and mindfulness.

“Healthy eating and exercise truly does prevent chronic disease,’’ said Greene, health coach at the SAY Detroit Family Health Clinic, and the featured speaker at Wellness Wednesdays’ monthly women’s support group on April 17. “It doesn’t matter how old you are; ladies lose bone density and don’t process nutrients the way you did when you’re younger. Think ‘movement’ 30 minutes a day, five days a week, is what you need. If you’re sitting at your desk, get up after every hour and move for two minutes; you’ll feel better.’’

Facilitated by Alexis Harvey, the SAY Clinic’s community health worker and outreach coordinator, Wellness Wednesdays featured a few first-timers, and, of course, the program regulars. They were greeted by volunteers Chris J., Ruma and Lisa who distributed colorful leis with a cheerful “Aloha!’’ The healthy luncheon — teriyaki chicken and cilantro rice — was prepared by Chef David of the SAY Detroit Play Center. Near the end of the session, Greene led the group  through a few balance exercises, where all you need is a wall, because “static balancing is good for your core, and good for your back.’’’

The next Wellness Wednesdays will be May 15 at the Ford Rec Center. There will be no programming in June.