Making Sister Judie Proud in the Heart of Detroit

February 28, 2019

Air Date: February 28, 2019

Sister Judie always knew she wanted to be a nun. Widowed and with her six children grown she followed her calling and joined the Felician order. Then she met a young mother in need.

Grace Bayer: She saw a woman eating out of a dumpster feeding her child and she said I need to do more.

Sister founded the Sisters of Christian Love with a mission to feed the hungry. Grace Bayer was a volunteer.

Grace Bayer: She was just so kind and loving and I was really impressed with her and how she was so selfless.

Sadly, Sister Judie passed away in February of 2018 but those that she served continue to receive the love and support she provided thanks to Grace and the team of volunteers at Sister Judie’s Outreach.

Grace Bayer: We make between 125 and 150 lunches every day Monday thru Friday and deliver them to people in the Eastern Market area of Detroit and then we also give out underwear socks, t-shirts,  hats gloves, coats.

Mitch: And what’s been the most rewarding part of it for you?

Grace Bayer: People telling you you know thank you so much you don’t know what this means to me um God bless you and it just kind of makes your day you know just knowing that you’re helping someone.

Mitch: If you could talk one more time with the real Sister Judie what might you say to her or ask her?

Grace Bayer: I would say are you proud of me?

Mitch: What do you think she’d answer?

Grace Bayer: I think she’d say yes

And we would agree. Carrying on the blessing of a Godly woman, Grace Bayer is feeding the less fortunate here in the heart of Detroit.