How to Stay Physically and Emotionally Healthy During the Holidays

November 16, 2022

Today’s Wellness Wednesdays’ final session of 2022 featured a little bit of everything, including a shareable Thanksgiving feast — and healthy ways to enjoy the holiday season.

Led by Wellness Wednesdays facilitator Alexis Harvey, Community Health Worker at the SAY Detroit Family Health Clinic, the program joyously opened with support group participants whooping it up dancing to Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September.’’ Before shifting to the healthy lifestyles segment, Harvey said she thought it was important to first acknowledge that the holiday season can be difficult for those who are dealing with grief.

She offered how it’s important for people to “honor their own journey’’ in dealing with their emotions. For her, Harvey said she honors her late grandmother each year by placing her photo next to a bouquet of red roses at the dinner table.

Other tips to deal with grief include talking to a counselor, reading poetry, exercising, eating healthy and seeking spiritual support.

Janine Green, the SAY Clinic’s health coach, stressed the importance of choosing healthy food over the holidays, including making sure half of your plate is filled with fruit and vegetables. Although the holiday meal always seems to be the centerpiece of most family gatherings, Green said introducing other things to do, such as holding a family dance contest and other activities, can also be a highlight.

Bringing it all together was 96-year-old Clara, a Wellness Wednesdays’ frequent contributor, who offered this meaningful tip: “After the holidays, it’s always about reflection.’’

Wellness Wednesdays will take the month of December off and resume in January 2023. Date and time will be determined soon. SAY Detroit would like to thank Kroger for supporting Wednesday’s buffet luncheon. We’re also grateful to  Sue, David and Curtis of the Ernest T. Ford Recreation Center for helping the event run smoothly, and, of course, to SAY Detroit volunteers Chris, Ruma, Lisa and Karen for their service.

Happy Holidays everyone!