Keeping the Smiles Going at O.A.T.S.

December 03, 2020

We had the privilege of meeting Beth and Fred Pellerito in season six of Heart of Detroit. Back then they had just taken over O.A.T.S an equine therapy organization for children and adults with special needs.

Mitch: How has COVID-19 been a challenge for you in operating O.A.T.S.?

Beth: Well its been a challenge just trying to start things up which we did at the end of June.  We clean everything we leave all of the tack out we spray it down leave it out for twenty-four hours wanting to make it safe for everybody as far as our riders and our volunteers and our instructors.  We started with private lessons for a while for probably about a month and then we were able to add one more rider and now we are up to three and that is probably where we will stay that’s where we are comfortable at. 

Fred: So it is its very important to continue helping people as we have done for the last twenty-two years.  

Watch the original episode from Season 6

Mitch: How have you at O.A.T.S. grown and actually have gotten bigger and more involved before COVID but since the last time we did a Heart of Detroit with you?

Beth: We have gotten a lot of people that have kind of expanded our services so its helps with a lot of children with Autism or ADHD and anxiety building relationships and trust and that type of thing with the horses so that’s something that has really grown since we last met you. 

Mitch: Thanks for checking back in with us its good to see you again.

Beth: Thanks for having us and we intend to keep the smiles going.