Making Everywhere Accessible in Detroit

November 14, 2019
Air date: November 14, 2019

The Quick Ramps for Kids program is changing the lives of families with disabled children all over Southeast Michigan.

Leslynn: We started this program because of a parent who had a child with a disability purchased a ramp for their home and recognized how significant of a difference it made for their family.

United Cerebral Palsy Detroit wanted to make sure that all families had this option no matter their financial situation so in 2008 they started the program and have now gifted over 200 portable ramps. 

Mitch: This very practical thing falls through the cracks and there is no real sort of outlet to fund for something like that.

Leslynn: Absolutely. Our goal is for every child in southeast Michigan to be able to have full accessibility in their community.

Mom’s like Casey Menter love what the ramp has done for her family.

Casey: Between my daughter her wheelchair all of her equipment going back and forth from the house to the car to all of her appointments it was taking its toll so I wanted something that was quick and easy portable that I could take wherever I needed it have gatherings get-togethers and when everyone is included no one is excluded.

Leslynn: Just being able to go outside and play be with their friends.  It’s just heartwarming to see the difference that a very simple ramp can make in a person’s and a family’s life and in a child’s life.

The Quick Ramps for Kids program is making accessibility a possibility right here in the heart of Detroit.