Making Space to Fall in Love with Your Health

October 20, 2021

DETROIT, Oct. 20: All of it was impactful, but the best part was at the end, when nearly two dozen Wellness Wednesdays participants entered a gym that had been transformed into a makeshift farmers market at the SAY Play Center at Lipke Park.

“Oh my goodness, look at that!’’ one participant exclaimed. “And all of that – it’s for us?’’

Indeed it was: bunches of radishes, collard greens, potatoes, apples, pie pumpkins, plums and more, much of it donated by Juan Shannon, who operates Parker Village urban garden in Highland Park (thank you!).

The theme of this month’s Wellness Wednesdays session – which is a monthly female-focused support group and collaboration between SAY Play and the SAY Detroit Family Health Clinic – was “Falling in Love with Your Health.’’ The program featured a plethora of wellness tips including an informational session on breast health; ways to work toward a healthier lifestyle; how to build a more nutritional menu for children, and the health benefits of incorporating herbs and spices into your diet.

“When Dr. (LaTonya) Riddle stressed the importance of having a primary care physician, that really hit home with our group because of the importance of preventative care,’’ said Maia Campbell, who coordinates Wellness Wednesdays and also serves as the SAY Clinic community outreach coordinator. “We need to be proactive instead of reactive with our health.’’

Campbell opened the program with a testimonial about her own health, sharing a photo that was taken four years ago with her mother. She has lost 140 pounds since the picture was taken.

“The biggest piece to remember is that the small changes you make today, add up to a big change tomorrow,’’ she said.

At the end of the session Campbell was moved to tears when she learned that the woman who won the “Crockpot Raffle’’ is two weeks away from moving out of a shelter and into her own apartment.

“She was telling me how perfect the crockpot will be for her,” Campbell said. “She’s loving that she has worked to be in her own space for the holidays.’’

SAY Detroit would like to thank the volunteers who contributed to help the event run smoothly, including SAY Play chefs David and Dye Dye; A Time to Help co-leader Chris; and Caarin, Megan and Jackie, representing the Zatkoff Family Legacy Fund (which supports the program). Amber Mitchell of SAY Play presented the piece on herbal health.

The final Wellness Wednesdays support group session of the year will be Nov. 17 at SAY Play. The topic will focus on ways to live a more grateful and thankful life. Registration will open soon.