Empowering Women and Girls Through Education

June 06, 2019

Air Date: June 6, 2019

Achieving a high school diploma is the goal of women at Mercy Education Project.  Here, the Sister’s of Mercy offer southwest Detroit “Moms” the chance to finish their education.

Mitch: What would you say is the biggest two reasons that women in our area don’t finish high school?

Johnnetta: They have a lot of barriers transportation is a barrier and child care is a barrier.

Kathy: But at a certain point usually when the children get into school then they realize ok I need to do something about this.

And that’s where Mercy Education Project comes in.  Classes in math, language arts, social studies and science are offered, all free of charge.  It’s a no pressure environment at this all women’s school.

Kathy: So they get to be themselves they are with other women who are all supportive of each other.

Johnnetta: The students that we get a lot of times they were in other programs and they said it just didn’t work for them but when they came to Mercy Education Project they were like this is home.

To date over 200 women have received their GED.  But GED does not mean E-N-D.

Johnnetta: Whether you want to go to college the workforce directly or into a training program what we are doing is tailor making a program for them.

Which helps each student build a foundation for a brighter future following graduation.

Kathy: Typically we will have anywhere in between eight to 20 or 24 students who will be graduating.

Mitch: I bet they appreciate the diplomas more than the average high school student?

Kathy: Oh yes those were well earned.

Mercy Education Project is breaking down the barriers to education right here in the heart of Detroit.