Quilting a Hug

October 10, 2019
Air date: October 10, 2019

These beautiful quilts are just some of the designs that Jeanne Nicholson created.  But her talent and love for the craft was almost taken away.

Lilli: My mom was involved in a catastrophic car accident in 2006. She was in a coma for about two weeks there was a neurologist that gave her a seven percent chance to live and one percent chance to be out of a vegetative state.

With excellent care, especially from her daughter Lilli, Jeanne overtime began to regain basic abilities.

Mitch: If you don’t have a home where are you going to take a shower right?

Lilli: She walks she knows who family is she knows who she is of course her quilting has stuck.

Mitch: She was a quilter before-hand yeah.Lilli: She was a quilter beforehand absolutely.

Jeanne began quilting again like she never stopped, creating more quilts than she had people to give them to.  Lilli realized that Jeanne needed a project and by chance, brightly twisted had one for her.

Tammy: At our grand opening which we opened the new store we had been sewing the quilt pieces but we had been doing it ourselves and Lilli said my mom does quilts and that is all it took.

Tammy provides the tie-dyed materials from their workshops to Jeanne, who then creates about 10 quilts a month, all of which are donated to Children’s Hospital of Michigan.

Mitch: Here is a woman who was in a hospital at the lowest part of her life and now something that is making her feel the most alive is taking her back to a hospital.

Lilli: She kind of boasts about it.  The Brightly twisted community really incorporates they are about letting people know that they have value and that’s what they have done for mom and then knowing without a doubt that it’s going to someone who needs their day a little brighter they are her hugs.

With every quilt, Jeanne Nicholson is sharing her love and artistic voice right here in the heart of Detroit.

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