SAY Detroit Play is Hiring!

May 12, 2015


Every now and then, an opportunity arises that is too good and too important not to try and share with the largest audience. And since I have come to know many of you as wonderful, caring people, I thought I’d share our posting for the Director Position for our new S.A.Y. Detroit Play/Academic Center, the 15 acres facility we recently opened, converting an abandoned Detroit Rec Center into a further thriving academics and athletics oasis for the city. If you have experience leading youth in academics and athletics and a have great leadership and organizational skills, maybe you’d like to come work with us. The job would require living in the Detroit area (hey, I do!) and is a special chance to be in on something unique as it grows. The center will feature basketball, football, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, dance, weights, a recording studio and a 7000 sq foot learning center where all youth, aged 8-18, must enroll in order to take part on the other activities. If you – or someone you know – feels perfect for the position, get in touch quickly.

Thanks – Mitch

Director of the SAY Detroit Play Center Job Description

Purpose: The Director will be responsible for working with school and community partners, team members, volunteers and young people to ensure the ultimate success of the SAY Detroit Play Center.

Located on the northeast side of Detroit, the center is designed to be a unique training facility in which young people take responsibility for actively improving the world around them, starting with themselves. The center will feature a:

  • New synthetic turf football field, sponsored by Matthew Stafford
  • 7,000 square foot multi-media learning center
  • Notes for Notes © recording studio
  • Basketball and volleyball court
  • Dance studio
  • Weight room
  • Baseball diamond and soccer and lacrosse field

In addition to playing on a team sport offered at the center, all young people will be required to improve their GPA to at least a 3.0 and to lead a community improvement effort through an array of partners at the center dedicated to their social, emotional, and academic growth. Students and teams will come primarily through Law Academy, the small high schools at Osborn and Detroit PAL. For more information, please see here or this story at the Detroit Free Press

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Create the conditions for staff, partners, volunteers and young people to do their best work.
  • Engage all staff, partners, volunteers and young people in the vision an values of the center.
  • Ensure that all young people have a safe and supportive experience every day.
  • Lead a team of staff, partners and key volunteers that sets and achieves annual and quarterly goals.
  • Train staff, partners and volunteers in the policies and procedures of the center.
  • Implement and maximize the use of software designed to measure the impact and challenges of the different opportunities offered at the center.
  • Over-communicate the vision, values and activities of the center.
  • Establish and keep a good rhythm of healthy meetings among partners to drive the largest gains in achievement among our students.
  • Ensure that all safety rules, regulations and procedures are followed.
  • Monitor program success of all teams, classes and activities.
  • Provide a backup to clerical staff for answering phones; assisting at registration counter; providing clerical support.
  • Serve as the face and voice of the center in the community and for public relations and marketing activities.
  • Engage and inspire parents and community members involved in the lives of the people we serve.
  • Work with coaches, teachers and parents to collect report cards for all members of the center.
  • Maintain accurate financial records and reports for the center.
  • Fulfill the necessary reporting requirements and survey assessments for our internal and external evaluation process.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience transforming conditions for families and young people in high-poverty communities.
  • Proven leadership with diverse partners and stakeholders.
  • Working knowledge of athletic, social, emotional and academic programs and their management.
  • Ability to organize and direct programs.
  • Capacity to work afternoons and Saturdays.
  • Strong communication skills and presence.
  • Obsession with excellence.

Application Process

To apply, please send a resume and a cover letter stating why you are interested and why you think you will be successful in this position to Mike Tenbusch at  mtenbusch[@]uncommonsolutionsllc[dot]com.

Applicants who send a resume without a cover letter will not be considered.

All cover letters and resumes must be submitted by Friday, May 22, 2015.