SAY Play Prioritizes Student, Staff Safety

March 17, 2020

Due to the presence of the Coronavirus in our state, Governor Gretchen Whitmer has announced that “all Michigan K-12 schools, including public, private and boarding” schools, are closed from Monday, March 16 through April 05, 2020.  In addition, Mayor Mike Duggan announced the closure of Detroit’s recreation centers during the same period.  The SDPC will be closed to students during this same time and for the same reasons.  Schools are set to reopen on Monday, April 06, 2020.  We have not determined the date at which we will reopen.  Please check your emails in the coming weeks for that update.

While we won’t have students at the Center we still want all you, students and families, to be safe and well.  Below you’ll find a few tips and when we do reopen, some policy items.

In light of the Coronavirus 19 (COVID 19) health challenges we at the SDPC want to keep all students, staff and volunteers as safe as possible.  To insure this we are asking you, our parents/guardians, to do the following:

  • If your child or anyone at home is experiencing flu-like symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat) please keep your child at home.
  • Everyone should wash their hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds or more (they can sing the Happy Birthday song while they wash, it goes for about 20 seconds).
  • Everyone should avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth with their hands.  Instead use a tissue or paper towel and wash your hands afterward.
  • When coughing, everyone should cover their cough/sneeze with a tissue, then discard the tissue in the trash and wash their hands.

When we reopen, if your child is in the SDPC and exhibits the symptoms listed above, she/he will have to leave the Center immediately.

Helpful Contacts & Links

Detroit Health Department
(313) 876-4000
Translation Line: (800) 874-9226

Detroit Health Email

Free Meals Help

Detroit Public Schools Community District will be providing meals for students even during school closures beginning Wednesday, March 18. It will be served from 58 school district buildings and will be “grab-and-go”—students will not be able to enter the building.

Breakfast: 8:00AM – 10:30AM
Lunch: 10:30AM – 1PM


  • Academy of Americas @ Logan (K-3)
  • Ann Arbor Trail
  • Bates Academy
  • Bennett
  • Bethune
  • Blackwell
  • Bow
  • Brown, Ronald
  • Burton International
  • Carleton
  • Carstens
  • Carver
  • Central/Durfee
  • Clark
  • Clemente
  • Clippert
  • Cody HS
  • Communications & Media Arts
  • Cooke
  • Davison
  • Denby
  • Detroit Collegiate Prep
  • Detroit International Academy
  • Dixon
  • Dossin
  • Douglass Academy
  • East English Village Prep Hs
  • Ellington @ Beckham
  • Emerson
  • Fisher Upper
  • Gardner
  • Garvey
  • Golightly Ed. Center
  • Gompers
  • Greenfield Union
  • Hamilton
  • Henderson
  • Henry Ford
  • Holmes Al
  • King High School
  • King, J.R.
  • Law
  • Mackenzie
  • Mann
  • Mark Twain
  • Mumford
  • Noble
  • Nolan
  • Osborn
  • Palmer Park Academy
  • Pershing
  • Priest
  • Renaissance
  • Sampson
  • Southeastern
  • Wayne
  • Western
  • Wright, Charles