An Unexpected Ride in the Heart of Detroit

October 18, 2018

Air Date: October 18, 2018

They may not look like your typical community activists but it’s the soul of these riders that brings them together for the greater good.

Bogie: A bunch of likeminded guys got together and just decided we wanted to do something for the community and we put together the Shielded Souls, and  away we went from there. We have been non-stop.

Mitch: So guys from all different walks of life but motorcycles they had in common?

Bogie: Right

Gunny: Everybody with one goal to help the community and do the right thing.

Shielded Souls Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club is made up of Police Officers, First Responders, Veterans and invited guests. Founding member Craig “Bogie” Bogart and 20-year Marine Veteran and Police Officer Rick “Gunny” Meredith are just two of the many members that support multiple charities through fundraisers and organized rides.

Gunny: We’ve done everything from hurricane relief down in Texas to the Mi Cookie Project for the special needs they sell cookies right out of the clubhouse.

Bogie: Yeah. We have four or five organizations that we deal with on a regular basis. There’s no end to the people that need some help.

These humble souls don’t want to be praised for the work they are doing.

Bogie: I had a good life and I think other people should have that too you know when I see people that are just having a struggle and having a hard time making it we want to help them. We don’t do it to put ourselves on a pedestal or get a pat on the back we appreciate being here today but uh we don’t do it for that reason we do it to see the smiles on their faces and the families in need.

Charity can come from the most unexpected places. Shielded Souls Motorcycle Club is riding for a purpose right here in the Heart of Detroit.