Friends Read Together in the Heart of Detroit

February 21, 2019

Air Date: February 21, 2019

Every week a group of avid readers meet at the Bean and Leaf in Rochester to discuss their latest book club selection.

Deb Motley: The group is made up of seven individuals who have various disabilities or abilities that are different

Beth Monroe: Our members rarely miss a week and for five years they have been steadfastly attending so it means a lot to them it’s a highly anticipated social event every week.

This in demand social event is The Friends Book Club. The club was founded five years ago by Deb Motley, Beth Monroe and Beth’s daughter Emily who has Down Syndrome. The club has read over 20 novels – from classics to current titles.

Beth Monroe: My daughter who is a member has become a better reader she chooses to read on her own time frequently now she remembers what she read and can discuss it and it has also taught her to have opinions about something that took place in a book.

Mitch: And what was your first book that you selected?….Tuesdays with Morrie?

Both: Laughing

Mitch: I don’t know why that came to mind

Both: Laughing

Maybe they haven’t read Tuesdays with Morrie yet but they have tackled Oliver Twist, Harry Potter and Secret Garden just to name a few. The best part of the book club is the members are making lasting friendships.

Deb Motley: These group of people didn’t know each other very well before the book club. Just seeing the enjoyment that everyone has being together and reading together and discussing the books and having a relationship with each other I think that’s what really makes me come back every week.

Learning through reading and prospering every week, Deb Motley, Beth Monroe and The Friends Book Club are sharing a good book with a special community right here in the heart of Detroit.