The Answer to Affordable Medications: The Prescription Assistance Program

January 06, 2015

One problem that many people face in regards to their healthcare needs is the ability to be able to afford their medications. Prescriptions can cost up to $300 each, which is out of reach for most patients. S.A.Y. clinic is attempting to assist patients through the growth of our Prescription Assistance Program. Managed by Lanay Perry, this program connects appropriate patients to drug manufacturers to supply their meds free of charge for as long as they qualify. The following is a list of the drug manufacturers that we have aligned with and the medications they are supplying.

Company Medications Supplied
Pfizer Wide variety of meds including Nurontin,

Depovera, diabetes meds, and antihypertensives

Merck Diabetic medications
Bristol-Myers Squibb Diabetic medications, antihypertensives, and cardiac
Sanofi Insulin, flu vaccines
Novartis Insulin
AstraZeneca Antihypertensives, inhalers, thyroid medications
Novo Nordisk Insulin
Teva Inhalers
Lilly Cares Cymbalta
Boehringer Ingelheim Antihypertensives
Gilead Hepatitis medications


We thank our pharmaceutical partners for all their help caring for our patients that without their support would not be able to afford their prescriptions or manage their health effectively.