The Journey to Health in the Heart of Detroit

March 12, 2020

Nicole Pettiway’s path to better health started with a scary diagnosis.

Nicole: It was through my journey with breast cancer that I learned how I could take control of my own health to improve my chances of survival.  Doctors essentially told me I needed chemo radiation surgery the whole gamut.

Mitch: So it was stage 4?

Nicole: Stage 1 but they still wanted to do all of that.

So Nicole decided to do a little research of her own.

Nicole: I realized I had a lot of nutritional deficiencies that I had to correct.

Mitch: Now this takes a certain amount of courage because we trust our doctors and doctors say chemotherapy radiation and you’re saying well no I think I am just going eat differently

Nicole: They pretty much dismissed me um I was told I would be dead by now.

Mitch: By the way you’re not.

Nicole: I’m actually.

Mitch (over Nicole): this is not that kind of show.

Nicole: I feel amazing.  Once I started really learning and understanding how our bodies have the ability to heal and that is exactly what happened to me.

Nicole went through a massive detoxification cutting out processed foods and meat.  Now all plant based, she is down over 100 pounds and is in the best shape of her life.  Nicole shares her message of transformation through her blog, social media and public speaking engagements, hoping that her experience can help someone else.

Nicole: I learned that it is a mind body spirit change you really have to change the whole person.

Mitch: And your latest medical report is?

Nicole: No signs of cancer in my body and I am never one to tell people not to go the conventional route but to say look just know that you have got choices and you need to become an advocate for yourself .

Cancer free and loving life, Nicole Pettiway is sharing her journey to better health right here in the heart of Detroit.