The Smile Says All About This Much Needed Service for Homeless

July 08, 2021

It’s been just over two years since we sat down with WAVE Project, a nonprofit serving the community with the unique mobile shower solution. Since then WAVE Project hit the road, it had to pull back due to COVID-19 and are now reengaged with the community. Let’s get the scoop from Todd Gordon.

Todd: You know, just like the entire world, when COVID first hit, we were very much unsure what it would mean for us and our guests, the people we serve, and our volunteers, for a lot of time last summer and even beyond. Much like the rest of the world, we were just waiting to get guidance as to how we could safely reengage and serve not only our guests, but keep our volunteers safe. Even in our new reality, more volunteers have been brought to us we’ve had people rally to support us financially. So it’s just really been this rebirth for us in this new identity. And we’re just so grateful.

Mitch: What does a hot shower and just getting cleaned mean to some of the clients that you serve? And why does it mean so much?

Todd: It means everything. There are people – thousands of people – living on the streets right now in our communities, many of which have not showered in months and I just want that to sink in. For most of us if we don’t shower for a day or so we definitely feel it. For people that walk up to our shower service. You know life is stacked against them. When they come out of that shower stall one of our coordinators other day said it perfectly: the smile says at all.

Mitch: Todd, we salute you for hanging in there and staying with your your dream and your project and doing so much good for people in our city. Thank you so much.

Todd: Thank you Mitch. We appreciate you