A Day of White Signals a Commitment to End Violence on #DPSCDPeaceDay

September 23, 2022

Better Together, our program devoted to healing relationships between citizens and police officers, partnered with Pastor Ovella Davis and Code 22 for a school-wide #DPSCDPeaceDay on September 22. Code 22 is a call for peace – it asks for 24 hours without violence – every month, founded by Pastor Davis in June 2019 and supported by churches, law enforcement agencies, and community activists. This year, Detroit Public Schools proclaimed the day of peace in every school, encouraging students, staff, and parents to wear white and commit to healing and eliminating bullying and violence.

Darryl Woods, a dynamic force at the helm of Better Together, worked with community partners to organize teams to visit schools and and engage students on the message of peace through songs, art, and open discussion. Darryl directly visited 5: Pershing High School, East English Village Preparatory Academy, Northwestern High School, Cody High School and Detroit School of Arts.

The day culminated with the Detroit Police Department town hall at Detroit Edison Academy, with a panel that included Darryl, DPD Chief James White, Deputy Mayor Todd Jettison, Dawn Ison, US attorney of Michigan’s Eastern District, Bishop Charles Ellis of Greater Grace Temple, and other civil and religious community leaders.