A Time to Help the SAY Play Winter Showcase

December 01, 2023

The annual Winter Showcase Experience at the SAY Detroit Play Center is a symphony of talent, creativity, and joy, as students shine on stage and illuminate the season with their incredible performances they’ve been working hard on all semester long.

Volunteers will be helping to celebrate SAY Play’s young creatives who’ll be showcasing their work and talents in two special events at the center – “Exploring Photography Gallery’’ and a Film Screen Festival.

When: Friday, December 15

Location: 19320 Van Dyke Ave, Detroit, MI 48234 | Enter on Suzanne Ave. | Map

Parking: Free parking in the lot on site.

Shift options:

Shift A: Setup

Time: 2 – 5 p.m.

Volunteers Needed: 5

Duties: Volunteers will be helping set up the event space and assisting SAY Play’s chefs in the kitchen.

Attire: Comfortable but neat clothing, tennis shoes are fine.

Shift B: Film Screening

Time: 5-8 p.m.

Volunteers Needed: 6

Duties: Volunteers will help pass out appetizers (strolling) to guests in the art gallery; greet people at the door; help at the donation table; distribute Brown Bag popcorn to guests before the start of the screening at 6:30 pm, and help in the initial stage of clean up.

Attire: “Event’’ black clothing – ie., black shirt, black pants, etc., preferred but not required; just look neat. Comfortable shoes.

Sign up at Bloomerang Volunteer at https://app.initlive.com/JE/klkbkgw05y7tjm

Questions: atimetohelp.detroit@gmail.com

NOTE: This event registration has moved to our new volunteer platform at Bloomerang Volunteer. This new platform will be used for all volunteer opportunities with SAY Detroit moving forward. Bloomerang Volunteer is a pretty robust platform and there’s a lot of cool little things we’ll be able to do together — and, it has a mobile app! If you’d like video overviews, you can watch this. If you like to dig into FAQs, you can get started here.