A Time to Helpers Scrub and Polish at the Factory

November 21, 2021

At first, it seemed like there wasn’t much to do, the place looked pretty good. But once our A Time to Help volunteers got started, cleaning every nook and cranny at the Detroit Water Ice Factory’s flagship store at One Campus Martius, the project took off.

About 15 volunteers gathered Saturday (Nov. 20) to help spruce up the storefront, with a smaller group tackling a project in the storage room. But for Annette Hill, Director of Operations for DWIF and Brown Bag Popcorn, it was the selfless spirit and workhorse effort of the team that moved her most.

“Volunteers are angels — they see a need and fill it,’’ said Hill, who ran the project with DWIF’s lead manager Jay Theden. “I’m really happy they’re here.’’

Thanks to Jackie Steinman’s son, Sean, A Time to Help has become a family affair for her. They were accompanied by Sean’s wife, Deb Rawlinson, and daughter Kaytlin.

“Sean listens to Mitch (Albom) everyday and he loves to volunteer,’’ Jackie Steinman said of Albom, SAY Detroit founder and radio co-host of the Mitch Albom Show. “You know what? I enjoy it, too. It gives satisfaction —even when I’m scrubbing a floor!’’

Steinman smiled. Yes, the spirit of volunteerism.

With the Salvation Army Holiday Party postponed for the second-straight year due to the coronavirus pandemic, ATTH will reconvene in February 2022. Date and location will be announced it the coming weeks.