Detroit Dream Scholars Program Going Strong

October 09, 2014

Four years and seven scholarships later, Mitch’s Detroit Dream Scholars program continues to gain momentum at the College For Creative Studies (CCS), and a reception was held on campus September 30 to celebrate its success.Attendees included Mr. and Mrs. Charles Baker and also Tim Shelton, who deserve special thanks for donating full scholarships that will bring two new students to CCS in 2015.

With the help of his friends at CCS, Mitch founded the scholarship program in 2010 to help high school students who are interested in the arts (but who may not have the means to attend college) study there. Those who are awarded scholarships are also required to give back to the community by creating a piece of public art or by working on a public art project such as the painting of murals every summer they’re in school.

At the program’s inception, Mitch pledged to continue seeking public support until twelve scholarships have been granted, and he gave $60,000 of his own money to sponsor the first Dream Scholar recipient. On September 30, Mitch vowed to give another $60,000 to support the four-year education of an incoming freshman in 2015. And he called on the public to continue its support. Said Mitch, “I challenge you to find a friend, a business associate, a colleague that you can tell about this wonderful opportunity to help change the life of a gifted young person. By making a gift to the Detroit Dream Scholars fund, you will be able to see your generosity take root and come alive in art and design.”

For more information or to make a donation, please contact Gilda Houser at (313) 664-7472 or visit the

 Reception photos (click to view larger):