Feeling Empowered by Getting Covered

July 19, 2023

Highland Park, MI. — There was no hard sell, just information.

Standing before a group of more than two dozen women during Wellness Wednesdays’ monthly women’s support group, Krystal Woods provided answers to questions about the benefits of life insurance for seniors, including the importance of why it’s best to know what is offered.

“I’m not trying to sell, but trying to educate you,” said Woods, a health and life insurance agent who grew up in Highland Park. “Do you always notice how the most important details are at the bottom, in very fine print? You need to read that.”

Facilitated by Alexis Harvey, community health worker at the SAY Detroit Family Health Clinic, the support group also welcomed a drop-in visitor during the session at the Ernest T. Ford Recreation Center — Highland Park Mayor Glenda McDonald.

There were a couple of new faces at the event as well, including Regina Hill of Detroit, who was attending her first Wellness Wednesdays’ luncheon.

“This was really good because we got a lot of information on a lot of things, so I can pass it along to someone else” she said. “I’m going to try to come back every month. I’ve never been to an event like this before. We talk together, we eat together. It gives women a different kind of outlet.”

Wellness Wednesdays’ next get together is Aug. 16. The session will focus on the benefits of nutrition as preventive care.