Getting Back-to-School Ready with Wellness Wednesdays

August 25, 2021

DETROIT, Aug. 25, 2021 — SAY Detroit’s third Wellness Wednesdays event exceeded expectations, in more ways than one.

First, there was a full house — a diverse group of mothers and caregivers, including participants from Peggy’s Place, an emergency temporary housing center operated by Coalition On Temporary Shelter (COTS). Fortunately, moving Wellness Wednesdays from its inaugural home at the SAY Detroit Family Health Clinic to the SAY Play Center at Lipke Park provided plenty of space.

There were also kids playing in the gym down the hall — children of the participants — which was appropriate considering the topic of the monthly female-focused support group was learning skills and sharing techniques related to sending them back to school this fall.

Special guest speakers Evon Foster and Tracey Helms of CNS Healthcare, a private non-profit human services agency that provides comprehensive behavioral health services, helped lead the discussion with timely and constructive tips to help moms lessen stress and worry.

They shared how a certain level of stress or anxiety is normal in every child, but when it leads to behavioral changes and challenges, that’s when you need to be concerned.

“The facilitators were great,’’ said Maia Campbell, the SAY Clinic’s community outreach coordinator who also coordinates SAY Detroit’s Wellness Wednesdays initiative. “Honestly this was the best one we’ve had so far; every participant contributed.’’

The next Wellness Wednesdays event and luncheon is scheduled for Sept 22 at SAY Play. Note that the topic of the session has changed from “falling into health’’ to coping with grief and loss.