Helping Detroit Be Green with Cass Community

October 24, 2022

The hum and rattle of an industrial conveyer belt carrying mounds of shredded paper barely drowned out the sound of lively conversations and laughter happening a short distance away.

In assembly line fashion, more than 20 A Time to Help volunteers on Saturday (Oct. 22) worked together sorting colored paper from white, as Drew Siebarth of Huntington Woods, working alongside his mother, Beth, pushed paper up the tracks during a recycling project to benefit Cass Community Social Services.

“My friend found this project, knowing it would be perfect for Drew,’’ said Beth, whose 27-year-old adult son is disabled. “Drew loves to shred — at home he does all the shredding for our neighbors.’’

For Rev. Sue Pethoud, who has led Cass Community Social Services’ volunteer outreach program since 2010, Saturday morning’s ATTH project helped strengthen the nonprofit’s many goals. Cass’s Green Industries initiative is just one of many programs and projects that supports Detroiters in need.

“We keep paper out of the landfill, that’s why we do this,’’ she said. “We do green stuff, and we give people meaningful jobs. Our bales are a half-ton apiece, and when we get to 20, it goes to a recycling place in Detroit.’’

SAY Detroit and CCSS  have had a special partnership for years, and we look forward to assisting the nonprofit for many more.

ATTH’s next project will be Thursday, Dec. 1 at the SAY Detroit Play Center at Lipke Park. Details and registration will be posted later this week at