How to Eat Well on Stage at Wellness Wednesdays

August 16, 2023

HIGHLAND PARK, MI. — It’s a mantra that Dr. Charanpreet Khangura never grows tired of emphasizing: Health and nutrition go hand in hand.

Especially for older adults.

“Your food is medicine,’’ Khangura told the crowd of two dozen women — mostly seniors — who gathered at the SAY Detroit Family Health Clinic’s monthly Wellness Wednesday luncheon and discussion at the Ernest T. Ford Recreation Center. “Nutrition changes at different stages of your life.’’

For more than an hour, Khangura, an internist at Dedicated Senior Medical Center in Warren, talked about facts of healthy eating, while dispelling some untruths as well.

For instance, when a participant said she heard that she can’t eat celery because she has high blood pressure, Khanguara dispelled that myth.

“I recommend celery on its own because of its high fiber content,’’ she said, emphasizing its high water content helps keep necessary fluid levels up. “Putting it in smoothies and eating it whole is the best bet.’’

Joining Khangura was Jasmine Jones, a membership growth consultant at the medical center. Janice Crafter, an independent insurance agent, began the program answering questions about Medicare.

“What (Crafter) talk about was so important because a lot of seniors don’t know how to navigate the Medicare system,’’ said Alexis Harvey of the SAY Clinic — and Wellness Wednesdays’ lead facilitator.

Wellness Wednesdays generally meets the third Wednesday of every month. The next program is 11:30 am  – 1:15 pm on Sept. 20 and includes lunch. Space is limited and registration is required. Please call 586-345-0225 to sign up.