It’s Appointment Time at Wellness Wednesdays

January 17, 2024

One month into her new role as Nurse Practitioner at the SAY Detroit Family Health Clinic, Carla Butcher was more than prepared to merely meet and mingle with the 15 participants who braved the freezing cold temperatures for Wellness Wednesdays’ women’s support group and luncheon on January 17.

Tucked into her bag were glucose tests and a blood pressure cuff.

“Education is huge, but being able to see what your glucose level is compared to where it should be, is taking it another level,’’ said Butcher, who was heartened when the majority of women in attendance agreed to be tested Wednesday.

The theme of January’s session at the Ernest T. Ford Recreation Center was about preventative care, and why it’s important at the start of a new year to make sure you’re up to date on your appointments and screenings.

“It’s about making your health a priority,’’ said Alexis Harvey, SAY Clinic Community Health Worker and program director of Wellness Wednesdays. “So many people are unaware of the screenings needed — at all ages.’’

Among the materials Butcher distributed was a preventative health checklist for women of all ages, though not all need to be done annually (consult your doctor). They include Pap tests for cervical cancer, mammograms for breast cancer, lung cancer screenings for smokers, colonoscopies for colon cancer, DEXA scans for bone density, and mental health screenings.

After the session, Harvey engaged privately with a participant who said she had “quit’’ going to doctors.

“I told her to give us a chance, that I would sit with her at the SAY Clinic and be there for her,’’ Harvey said. “Even if I’m not at the clinic day, I’d still meet her there. She agreed and took my phone number.’’

February’s session is set for February 21 at the Ford rec center. The topic is how to connect with the community resources that are available to you. Call 586-345-0225 to register and join us!