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Bettering the lives of Detroit’s neediest  at every age

The idea of S.A.Y. Detroit is in its letters: Super All Year

It was formed in February, 2006, after author and journalist Mitch Albom went public with a plea to do as much for the homeless all year as the city was doing over one Super Bowl weekend. He spent a night in a shelter to call attention to the issue. The response was overwhelming, and S.A.Y. Detroit became a fully-formed 501(c)(3) charity that serves as an umbrella organization for major programs to improve the lives of Detroit’s neediest citizens—from cradle to career, and beyond.
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News & Updates

We Are Better Together

How, in a time of intense divisions drawn like fault lines across the country and within communities, do we reach common ground? It has to start somewhere. For SAY Detroit’s new Better Together initiative, bridging racial divides is starting with one meal and one...

A Time to Help Make a Home

Nearly 20 volunteers worked alongside Michigan Recreational Construction on a landscape project, a backyard fence and playscape.

Local Businesses Encouraged to Support the Popcorn Pledge

Get ahead of holiday gifting by ordering tins of Brown Bag Popcorn before October 15th, get rewarded.

Why Host a Summer Day Camp During a Pandemic?

SAY Play co-executive director Dana Davidson presents “Grace Unmasked.” a “book” from students about the camp experience.

Group Gardening at Big Glen Brings ‘A Time to Help’ Together Again

A Time to Help volunteers gathered for the first time since March for a socially-distanced garden project with Buckets of Rain

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