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Bettering the lives of Detroit’s neediest  at every age

The idea of S.A.Y. Detroit is in its letters: Super All Year

It was formed in February, 2006, after author and journalist Mitch Albom went public with a plea to do as much for the homeless all year as the city was doing over one Super Bowl weekend. He spent a night in a shelter to call attention to the issue. The response was overwhelming, and S.A.Y. Detroit became a fully-formed 501(c)(3) charity that serves as an umbrella organization for major programs to improve the lives of Detroit’s neediest citizens—from cradle to career, and beyond.
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Education &

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Homes &

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Health &
Medical Care

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Volunteering &

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News & Updates

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Bethlehem House Expands the Heart of Detroit

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Designing with Detroit Women in Mind

It covers our buildings and streets all across metro Detroit but two entrepreneurs have discovered a way to use its beauty and help women at the same time.

Record-Breaking Radiothon Raises $1.5 Million

Even as it adjusted to a new normal, the beloved tradition highlighted a community’s overwhelming generosity

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