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The idea of S.A.Y. Detroit is in its letters: Super All Year

It was formed in February, 2006, after author and journalist Mitch Albom went public with a plea to do as much for the homeless all year as the city was doing over one Super Bowl weekend. He spent a night in a shelter to call attention to the issue. The response was overwhelming, and S.A.Y. Detroit became a fully-formed 501(c)(3) charity that serves as an umbrella organization for major programs to improve the lives of Detroit’s neediest citizens—from cradle to career, and beyond.
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News & Updates

Be Your Own Boss // Wellness Wednesdays

The day’s session is all about financial wellness, and sharing in the wealth of knowledge.

A Time to Help Volunteers Bring Christmas in July

Surrounded by pallets of holiday gift boxes that will be distributed to 30,000 youth this December, volunteers assembled more than 5,600 dental kits at Detroit Goodfellows.

Eden Gives as Hunger Grows in Detroit

Catching up with Kimberly Buffington, the founder of Eden Gives, who introduced us to the food security issues impacting communities in southeast Michigan.

The Smile Says All About This Much Needed Service for Homeless

It’s been just over two years since we sat down with WAVE Project, a nonprofit serving the community with the unique mobile shower solution.

Wellness Wednesdays Are on the Calendar for Women in Detroit

The inaugural female-focused monthly support group embraced a topic that’s often difficult to discuss: stress.

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