Wellness Wednesdays Closes Year With a Grab Bag of Relaxation

November 16, 2023

The focus and theme of November’s Wellness Wednesdays program was none other than the participants themselves.

It was a time to laugh. A time to share joyful memories. And a time to highlight a year filled with camaraderie between the dozens of women who have gathered once a month this year to be part of the SAY Detroit Family Health Clinic’s outreach program at the Ernest T. Ford Recreation Center in Highland Park.

Facilitated by Alexis Harvey of the SAY Clinic, Wednesday’s final program of 2023 featured participants picking a topic out of a bag — most of which were lighthearted — and allowing the women to drive the conversation.

For example, there was no shortage of answers when a participant drew the question, “If you had to a chance to change your name, what would you change it to?’’



“Back to my maiden name!’’

“We usually deal with with a lot of serious issues, so it was good to kick back and enjoy each other’s company,’’ Harvey said. “We had four new ladies here today, including one who learned about the program when she visited the clinic.’’

Something else stood out to Harvey.

“They really love their community,’’ she said. “And these ladies want to do the best for the community because they have pride in Highland Park.’’

Having a masseuse as part of the program gave six women who won a raffle the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing chair massage. A special thank you to “His Tranquil Hands’’ massage and bodywork.

Wellness Wednesdays will return in January 2024. More information to come!