COVID-19 Mobile Testing Center Opens at SAY Clinic in Highland Park // UPDATE

June 04, 2020

**UPDATE: The mobile testing center is now closed. Patients looking for free COVID-19 testing can make an appointment at the SAY Detroit Family Health Clinic.

A new, free Covid-19 mobile testing center opened to the public on Tuesday, April 28th on the grounds adjacent to the SAY Detroit Family Clinic in Highland Park, MI. The testing center is the result of a collaborative effort led by SAY Detroit and made possible with the experience and resources of Dr. Chad Audi (Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries), Dr. Richard Keidan (EVO Detroit / Detroit2Nepal Foundation), Tawana Nettles-Robinson (Trinity Health, which manages the SAY Clinic), and Michigan Healthcare Professionals. Vibra Health Lab in Troy is overseeing the lab work.

The first testing site in the Highland Park area is one of six focused responses to needs created or exacerbated by the pandemic in an effort by SAY Detroit called “Detroit Beats Covid-19!” The center will be open three days per week for nasal (or nasopharyngeal) swab testing. Patients are accepted by vehicle and by foot, and results are typically available within 24 – 48 hours (but may take up to 14 days). Specific details for patients about availability and access to the testing center are available below

The Highland Park neighborhood is a particularly underserved area of Metro Detroit. SAY Detroit’s Family Health Clinic is part of a “mutual aid” collective of nonprofits in the area – including Buckets of Rain, The Avalon Village, and EVO Detroit – pooling energies and talents to connect their efforts and reach more people. The free testing center enables community members to overcome many of the common barriers that diminish access to care: testing is free and available to patients without doctor referrals, without insurance, and without vehicles. The initial testing phase is prioritizing efforts toward local residents before expanding access to the larger Metro Detroit area.

How to get tested at the SAY Detroit Covid-19 Mobile Test Center

The center is currently closed. COVID-19 diagnostic testing is now available by appointment on Thursdays at the SAY Detroit Family Health Clinic (211 Glendale Ave, Highland Park. Please call (313) 758-6100 to make an appointment.

How do I qualify for a test?

Testing is available for adults aged 18 and over who display symptoms. Clinic staff will screen patients upon arrival to determine if testing is appropriate.

How do I prepare for a test?

Identification / Contact Information

Please bring with you a state ID or city of Detroit ID. Please bring your mobile phone or have a telephone number to provide to staff if you do not have your own so you can be contacted with results or other necessary follow up.

Personal Protective Wear

To help protect yourself and medical personnel, please arrive wearing a mask or other face covering such as a scarf or bandana covering your mouth and nose. If you access the testing in a vehicle, ALL occupants must be wearing a mask as well. If you do not arrive wearing a mask, a handmade mask from volunteers at the Hospital Mask Task Force! may be supplied to you.

When You Arrive

Waiting Areas

Waiting areas before and after testing procedure are designated by signs and bright orange cones. When you arrive by vehicle, please stay in your car with windows rolled up until you are directed to drive up and roll down windows by staff. If you approach on foot, please follow instructions provided by signs and staff regarding safe social distancing.  

Testing Procedure

Before you receive a nasal swab test, you will be screened by staff who will take your temperature, measure your blood oxygen level, and discuss your symptoms. The procedure takes approximately 10 minutes to complete in full.

When do I get my results?

Results are available within 2 – 14 days. You will receive your results by telephone at the number you provided at the time of testing.

Please note we are not providing return to work letters at this time.

Mobile Test Center at SAY Detroit Play Center at 19320 Van Dyke Ave, Detroit, MI 48234, May 18 – June 4:

Mobile Test Center at SAY Detroit Clinic, at 211 Greendale Ave, Highland Park, MI, Apr 28 – May 15:

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Originally published April 29 | Updated May 18th, June 4th