St. Anthony’s Receives Another Step-Up

October 16, 2017

The Detroit Muscle Crew II project was finished — all 18 glass block windows and two side doors at the Cathedral of St. Anthony had been replaced — thanks to a $5,000 donation from A Hole in the Roof Foundation.

But in the eyes of Mike Stephanoff, finished didn’t necessarily mean completed.

The DMCII volunteer and owner of One-Step Home Solutions, learned after the project that the front doors to the church desperately needed to be replaced. They were rotting, unsightly — and 115 years old.

So he contacted Bishop Karl Rodig and Jim Penrod, who directs St. Anthony’s food and clothing pantry, and delivered three simple but golden words: “I’ll help you.”

Foundation funds depleted, Stephanoff developed his own fundraising plan and began spreading the story about a small church on Sheridan Street in Detroit that does big work, assisting thousands of residents each year.

In just under two months, Stephanoff had raised a total $9,609 in donations. And on Sept. 29 the possible happened: four new front doors to the church were installed. Thanks to Stephanoff’s generous heart, he and his crew once again donated their time and services to St. Anthony for free.

How’d he do it?

“Well, I started contacting customers and one thing led to another,” he said. “Through their kindness, and the kindness of my friends, we were able to get it done.”

Jim Penrod said: “Mike and his crew are amazing, and they do such excellent work.”

Stephanoff isn’t new to volunteering. As a younger man, he frequently donated his time to others in need when he served in the Navy.

“When I answered the call to Mitch Albom’s article (last spring) to join the Muscle Crew, well, it just feels good,” he said.